Kratoma tea at an affordable price

Kratom tea is a unique medicinal mixture that can stimulate and relax the human body at the same time.

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Physical effect

  • improvement of
    digestive system;
  • diuretic effect, which promotes
    elimination of toxins;
  • pain relief and elimination
    of muscle tone.

Emotional effect

  • a calming property that helps
    get out of the state of anxiety
    and depression;
  • increasing motivation and
    desire to work;
  • increased libido.

If you are buying a variety of Kratom in one lot, you will get a discount in the amount of:

200 grams -5€

500 grams -10€

1000 grams -15€

Buy kratom tea in Ukraine

This is a unique herbal tea that has a lot of unusual benefits. To get them in full, it is important to buy original kratom from a proven place. In Ukraine, there are many options for such a purchase, among which you should turn to real professionals. A specialized company that offers quality varieties of kratom, guarantees a personal approach to all customers, a fair price and professional advice.

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This is a unique herbal tea that has a lot of unusual benefits. To get them in full, it is important to buy original kratom from a proven place.

Kratom and its benefits for the human body

This is a tropical tree that belongs to the coffee and evergreen family. It grows in Southeast Asian countries, including Malaysia, Thailand, and Myanmar. There are several main varieties to choose from, each of which has a unique effect and its own advantages. The leaves of the plant are used as a sedative, but can also have a stimulating effect.

Catalog of products
  • Energy booster

    Increasing the level of energy in the body, which can be useful during active physical or mental stress, during hard work.

  • Metabolism

    It has a positive effect on metabolic processes, which allows you to burn excess energy and spend excess calories.

  • Psychological state

    The positive effect of a drink on a person's psychological state. The body begins to calm down gradually, it is not exposed to the negative influence of stress.

A set of samples 10x10g

How difficult it is to decide in such a variety of teas! And how to understand what your tea is? To facilitate this task, we invented a set with tea samples of 50 grams. Our set of kratom tea will introduce you to different varieties, show the variety and help you decide on the choice of any kind of kratom tea.

The sets will introduce you to different teas from our collection. Necessary for tasting and having an idea of the variety, treating friends, for fun parties.

Delight yourself and your friends with new flavors. They will be an original gift. You can assemble the kit yourself.

  • Package weight: 100 гр.
20 € (EUR)


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